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July 7, 2009, 12:45 PM
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If anyone follows the news, you will be shocked to learn that all of a sudden, it doesn’t matter what you say anymore, but how you say it. A few examples, if you will oblige:

Attorney General Robert McClelland believes banning the word ‘Jihad’ from the political lexicon in Australia will convince Islamists all over the world that the religious connection they quoted to reason their violent external Jihad – or Struggle – or as it is otherwise known Freedom Fighting is simply a issue of semantics, and not innocent civilians paying the price of death for the assumed sins of governments.

Good thing we got that straightened out, Rob!

Joe Biden too has stuck his foot so far down his throat that his toe nails are tickling his intestines. I am referring of course to his rather Vice-Presidential statement as reported worldwide today clearing Israel to bomb Iran. Yesh! Finally! But as we all know, sometimes our subordinates just can’t stop shooting their mouths off, and the State Department has been forced to issue a statement clarifying Biden’s Foreign Policy gaff.

Never send an old white man to do a young black man’s job, I always say.

And in the greatest PR coup of the 21st century, Barak ‘It’s only Hussein if the audience is Muslim’ Obama took full liberties in exploiting his middle name in his Cairo speech a few weeks ago. Since then, Muslims in China have been slaughtered in clashes with government forces and 1 000 000 Iranians have refused to settle for a war-mongering, dictatorial, “false, fake, forgery” of a leadership (or was that Kevin Rudd’s assessment of Turnbull?)

So for all those who missed his artfully diplomatic and creatively vague segue into a revitalised Arab/Muslim-US relationship (which was equally derided by both the left and the right as a simpering submission to the will of his supporters), here’s a summary by our good friend David.  ‘Cause he knows.


It would stand to reason that as one that spends most of the working day writing speeches, I would be ready to pull my hair out for all the nonsensical diatribe out there that parades as an example for me to follow.  Au contraire.   

In my most recent literary outing on the complex relationship between economics and security, I was told 10 perfected pages later that there was too much detail, too much substance. I was informed quite casually that I needed a little more razzle, and big dollop of dazzle, and some quirky yet irrelevant humour.

So I started again – adding some snappy one liners, deleting deleting deleting the boring analysis, and ensuring the whole thing wrapped up into a nice little cocktail party package, ready to be delivered with drink in hand to 200 disinterested business people somewhere in Woop Woop.

So much for that.


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