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Too Cool to Care
July 10, 2009, 10:10 AM
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This blog is inspired to the seditious efforts of a person we all know, and may cease to love once her cheap cover of being ‘too cool to care’ is blown. Her inability to see her own hypocritical world view is coloured a calculated choice hippie-green(left weekly) shade, integral to her forced transformation into the upper-north shore middle class-turned-boho crusader. And in her tireless, pathetic efforts to be truly ‘subversive’, she has made it her personal mission to fight “the man,” to become a tragic, uncompromising humanitarian, championing the cause of the unrepresented and downtrodden, and all from the comfort of her home in Sydney. Taken from her blog, the follow self-deprecating defecation:

“I am an aspiring journalist, politics graduate, and general socialist commy-scum bastard, greeny, lefty, truth seeking democrat. With a passion for news, I am interested in sustainable development, domestic and foreign policy, pretty much anything political. I am habitually analytical. At the moment, I am reading … the most nausea inducing book I’ve ever read but also the most subversive. With his collections of bizarre short stories, Palahniuk captures the many hypocrisies of human society and one by one knocks them all down. Not for anyone with a weak stomach or the faint of heart.”

This professed “Liberal communist lefty facist scum” is so apparently self-inflated, she fails to realise thatnot only is she has misused the term ‘Liberal’, mispelled ‘fascist’ and managed to embarrass herself with an ignorant attempt to be communist AND fascist at once, the only correct grammatical task she completes is to not capitalise the word “scum” (which this blogger thinks is probably an oversight of character description). Then again, it was never a prerequisite of bleeding-heart liberals to be informed, or even intellegent. Looks like this “aspiring journalist”should proabably take an English class before she pursues that lofty goal.

* * *

So I consider it my duty to put her in her place – her ‘I wish I was more extra-ordinary’ place. Mostly because I can empathise with her unfortunate position. The chance to be controversial is tempting, to poke and prod at peoples fears and faiths, to take the opposing perspective simply to stir the pot. To be noticed.

I myself have never been ashamed of the fact that my opinions and loyalties may not lie with the pack, or on more than an occasion, even go against what is considered normal, or mainstream. I have stamped out my own path, holding onto my sense of social justice, and personal morality.
But at some point (no coincidence that it was after high school), I realised that being contrary for oppositions sake was neither helpful to developing character, nor to the delicate balance between self-esteem and ego. Sure, searching for truth and meaning, trying out different ideologies; it’s all a matter of growing up.

My efforts in high school to raise funds for women’s charities labeled me as a bra-burning feminist, and arguments about morality with community leaders have rubbed people the wrong way in my conservative Sydney suburb. University seemed to be one and the same – as a vocal supporter of Israel, my efforts to build interfaith and inter-communal bridges was met with cynicism, mockery and disbelief. After three years, it appeared my attempts to separate politics from patronage, and encourage progressive thought was spent.

I had made friends, sure, but there were also a lot of enemies. I was a trouble maker – not content to sit idly by; unable to remain quiet when my religion and culture was bashed in lectures, tutorials, at university events, and even on my personal mobile phone.

But I’ve had enough of pandering to public opinion, just accepting the status quo because being anti-Zionist or anti-Israel or heaven forbid anti-Semitic is du jour. It’s time to go all in.

Anybody who calls me a racist, defiles my belief system by comparing me to a Nazi, and de-legitimises a nation state by unfairly slandering it simply because of their inability to connect its existence with the survival of a people, is someone worthy of my pity, and my dedication to proving them to be what they are – scared of taking a stand for what is right, not what is popular.

It’s just like Mum said:

“If Anthony Loewenstein jumped off the Harbour Bridge – would you?”

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