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Sense and Sensibility
July 14, 2009, 11:31 AM
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The gang up at the SensibleJew have decided to call it quits, after only a few months of poking at the various holes in the JC leadership fabric. Well, they are calling it an “indefinite hiatus”. And I know that I, for one, am a little bit indifferent to the question that seems to be on a lot of lips… “Who is the mole”?

Well, when I say alot, I mean those who actually have read the blog. Because let’s face it folks, these pesky little literary forays into the cybersphere are really nothing more than the meandering thoughts of people who want to be heard. However, it’s not too often that people want to listen.

So before we bemoan the demise of democracy, and the fall of freedom of speech, let’s stop and consider this with what little common sense we have.

The blog as we know it today, has been around for years, as have a variety of Jewish bloggers, who have taken their opinions and derisions to the World Wide Web with some gusto. Anonymity aside, the overhyped publicity that surrounded the creation of this blog, in The Age and The Australian Jewish News is unfortunately, not a sign that the community is suddenly “emboldened by new media” (My mother is very JC, and struggles to simply open her Outlook Express). Sure, the Rabbis may be vodcasting on YouTube, or hamming (ha) it up on Facebook, but this is not unusual. It and it certainly is not the beginning of anything but a new web-based opinion-machine. Less and less a “move more towards the centre in outlook”, more and more another cook in the kitchen, getting involved in the  broth-debate.

The truth of the matter, is that this is nothing new, and the fact that the Friday night dinner discussions/arguments/smackdowns have migrated to a new, shiny, bloggable format is nothing to write home about.

So “good night and good luck” Sensible Jew. May your new venture over at Galus Australis be as groundbreaking as the original. I just hope you haven’t inspired my mum to start with the Twittering. Nobody needs to read that.


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