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Moral Panics
July 30, 2009, 9:21 AM
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No doubt, as of 9.05am this morning, everyone has heard about yesterday mornings 2dayFM radio stunt, where a 14 years old girl was hooked up to a lie detector, at the request of her mother, and asked questions about her experiences with drugs and sex.

Gripping breakfast radio – particularly pertinent considering the ‘tween set that make up the audience for the highest rated 3 hours of morning radio in the country.

But what has shocked the jocks (and the socks off everyone else) ?

Is it the fact that mothers are invited to ask their children about personal matters in a public forum, with potential for humiliation and distrust?

Is it the age of the girl who was forced to answer such questions – sure, alot of 14 year olds would be experimenting with their sexuality, but for someone who has a 14 year old sibling, and I’m sure the rest of the country – well, “I certainly wouldn’t want it to be my daughter.”

Is it the ethical and legal standards of broadcasting, which present underage children on TV talking about sex as immoral, but allow a 14 year old to discuss a rape at the age of 12?

Is it the abject apathy of the parent, who not only formulated the questions with producers prior to the show going to air, but did so, knowing full well about the rape, and OKed the stunt anyway?

Is it the radio hosts, Kyle and Jackie O, who respectively were too stunned to act, or too quick to put a band aid on the situation – but refused to see the warning signs before the girl was forced to make her revelation?

Is it the radio station producers, who should have known to put the segment on delay?

Is it the content managers whose sense of morality (and probability of retaining employment) should be seriously reconsidered?

Is it the listeners – who tune in every morning, egging on such stunts with higher and higher ratings, regardless of the quality of programming?

It doesn’t really matter who it was, or is, but when the shit hit the fan yesterday morning, everyone got covered in it. Above all, the people who tuned in to 2dayFM this morning.


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