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I’m leaving on a jet plane
November 30, 2009, 8:49 AM
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Travelling to Israel is a pretty heady thing, from the longer-than-long-haul flight, to the change in hemisphere, time-zone, season, language, civility, politics, religion, lifestyle – Just touching down and finding one’s way to a bed to sleep off the jet lag is no small feat.

After a few trips, spanning almost two years in total, I am going back for more – previous posts on Israel and travel have no doubt provided a snapshot of things to do, see and experience over there, but while packing for this particular trip, I found something that jogged my memories. A little slip of paper that took me back to a Jerusalem bank queue, where I scribbled down all the things that had made my year so unforgettable.

And now, a year older, but not so much wiser, I find myself looking back, wondering how much will have changed, and how much will have remained the same. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a little reminder of why I keep coming back.

So here they are: Things I will miss

Thongs in bars – My Thongs – Mike’s Place – Gilli – Alex – Alex 2 – Hebrew – The US Consulate guys – Jager bombs – Walking everywhere – Daniel’s sense of humour – Shmee’s Breakfasts – Sitting with a beer and salad with Shachar – My Jenny – Blues Music – Being a Whore with Jenny – eating Iraqi food with Daniel in the Shuq – Selichot at midnight at the Kotel – Sleeping on Shachar’s couch – The view out over Jerusalem – Pesach at Dan – Shabbat Sirens – Deserted Streets on a Saturday – The Muezzin’s call on the way home from work – Telling Eefke about my latest conquest – Shuq shopping – Shabbat at the Shorer family – Shabbat at the Dov family – Ori making fun of my shoes – Learning the bus routes – Lusting over clothes in Mamila – Breakfast at the Rupin – Complaining about work with Jill – Tel Aviv Summer Days – Jerusalem Summer Nights – The Bolinat on a Friday – Arguing with Zak about money/politics/religion etc. – More Blues music – My Tan – Kareoke at Eefke – 20 NIS Jerusalem <-> Tel Aviv Shirut – Watching the sun rise 4 days a week – living in Rehavia – The Beach – Tiyulim – After work drinks – 24 hour breakfast with the boys – Hanging with Whitney eating hot wings – The Crazy Landlord – Ben in uniform – Purim – Playing hostess – Picnics in Gan Haatzmaut with my girls – Playing tour guide – Housewarmings


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