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Eyes Wide Shut
March 8, 2010, 9:11 AM
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A note. Martin Scorsese’s long overdue, much over-hyped lastest film, Shutter Island is probably enjoyed by many punters looking for a “don’t worry baby, I’ll protect you” little film to take their sweetheart to on a Saturday night. Unfortunately, it is about as organically thrilling as organic lentil soup. From the tired opening credits, to the over-worked score, which basically asks the audience to countdown to the OMFG! moment, Rocky Horror Picture Show Style, to the supremely ominous sweeping camera angles and disjointed, unoriginal dream sequences, it smelled predictable.
In fact, the big reveal moment was so much of a let down that the audience in my cinema were completely unperturbed. Complete silence, and more of the “really? That’s IT?!” variety than the hoped-for “Wow, what masterful storytelling”.
In fact, the vibe throughout the whole LONG 2 hours+ saga was unfortunately of incredulity and hyper-awareness of the construction of this elaborate plot, which, amongst other things, included mental asylums, dead wives, firebugs, psychotics, lucky strike cigarettes, and just for a little historical relevance, a few dead Nazis, some moral quandaries on the role of perpetrator/victim, House Un-American Activities Committee, and fedoras. Wow. What imaginative story telling.
Though maybe I just don’t like Leonardo DiCaprio. I’ll admit, his “Watch me Act” bit is a little tired, and even in his emotional scenes, all I could think about through out the film was “How does he keep that little band aid on his face through all that rain and hurricane? What on earth is it stuck with, Superglue?” Less than riveting, let me tell you.

2 mehs out of 5.

(Post Script: Props to Dendy Cinemas, however. My screening was captioned for the hearing impaired – and let me tell you, they don’t miss a thing. From fire crackling to creaking gates, every last indicator is mentioned. Except that stupid score. Good thing probably, they didn’t miss out on much.)


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